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    Vadji Africa Marketing or Vadji Africa ads is the official site of Mivasocial for classified ads, advertising and web Marketing in Africa and the African Diaspora. Vadji is clearly the largest site of ads, advertisements, and African web Marketing covering all the topics of social life, trade between African, fashion, real estate in Africa, employment, vehicles and services between African. With Vadji you can target your ads to an African country, the diaspora, or across Africa.

    Vadji extends not only to the African continent. Any individual or company in the diaspora can also take the opportunity to expand his range and connection with other bridge African world.

    With Vadji Africa Marketing you can easily discover your services, products and business, sell, Exchange and buy between individuals or businesses, get your press, your requests for bids, your job postings, releases make the auctions and submit you to African countries, the African continent and around the world.

    Vadji also takes care of your promotions, banners and advertising campaigns on Mivasocial (the largest African web platform) and other social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google more…

    Vadji is partner with African search engine Djinam and fits easily to disseminate and to get your ads in this search engine used by many African.

    The ads and advertisements published on Vadji are also promoted on Mivasocial giving them a wide African audience.

    Vadji is a paid service secure and privileged Africans and African enterprises.

    To learn more, click here for our rates – or here to see our list of service – or here to see the Vadji advantage

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    Listen to African News & Music
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